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Black Woman Suggests a N.C. Car Dealership Identified as Her a Stereotypical Title on Facebook

Image for article titled North Carolina Car Dealership Calls Black Woman 'Bon Quisha' in Now-Deleted Facebook Post. That's Not Her Name.

Picture: Wellnhofer Models (Shutterstock)

Trinity Bethune would like everybody to know that her name is, in point, Trinity Bethune.

WTVD in Durham studies that the 21-year-previous procured her very first motor vehicle at Lumberton Honda on Wednesday. Her exhilaration was quickly doused the subsequent day soon after seeing a photograph of her that the dealership posted on its Facebook web site.

The caption read “Congratulations to Bon Quisha on her 2016 Toyota Camry.” As that cartoon skunk that has since been cancelled would say, le sigh.

From WTVD:

Bethune, in shock and disbelief, responded to the write-up.

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