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Automobile Hauler From Hell Drops Mercedes And Then Crashes It Into A Dodge Challenger

Just about everyone has heard that “slow and continuous wins the race,” but which is absolutely not the case with this motor vehicle hauler.

As you can see in this Reddit online video, matters get off to a rough start off as the driver struggles having the apparent Mercedes CL on to the trailer.

Matters speedily just take a negative convert as the wooden blocks holding up the ramps give way as before long as the rear wheels drive over them. This brings about the Mercedes to slam down on to the trailer with the rear wheels hardly hanging on.

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However, factors go from poor to even worse as the driver accelerates too swiftly and the Mercedes slams into the Dodge Challenger parked in front of it. The clip ends soon thereafter, so the extent of the damage continues to be a thriller.

On the other hand, the crash transpired at small speeds and we would not be astonished if the injury was confined to banged up bumpers and possibly a damaged headlight. Of training course, it is tricky to be particular and anything at all a lot more than a scratch would probably demonstrate pricey.

Although there is a large amount to get in, it is obvious the vehicle hauler is at fault. It’s unclear what company is highlighted in the video clip, but anybody shipping and delivery their automobile really should do their research and examine up on reviews ahead of signing on the dotted line. That will not automatically ensure your auto gets to its desired destination in a single piece, but hopefully it will weed out providers these as the a person showcased in this movie.