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Best Prime Day car maintenance and accessory deals

For most of us, the fun part of owning a car comes from driving it. For some that means the act of driving itself, for others, it’s the freedom to go wherever you want. The less fun part comes when it’s time to maintain or clean our cars. Luckily, technology has made this easier, whether it’s diagnosing a check engine light or pumping up a flat tire, there’s an easier solution now than ever before and thanks to some sweet Amazon Prime Day deals, those solutions are cheaper than normal.

Here are our favorite car maintenance and accessory deals from Amazon Prime Day 2021. Keep checking back throughout the next couple of days for other slick deals as they go live.

Chemical Guys

We’re big fans of Chemical Guys products around these parts. If you need proof, just look at all our car care product best lists. You’d be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t include a Chemical Guys item on it. And it’s a great time to stock up on some car detailing supplies with a ton of Chemical Guys car wash kits and detailing equipment on discount during Prime Day.


NOCO is no stranger to Roadshow’s best car battery chargers list and as luck would have it a variety of its battery charger and jumper starter models are on discount for Prime Day. 


Some enticing Craftsman garage goodies are on special for Prime Day including a great pancake air compressor set (which can also be found on our best air compressors list), rolling workbench, 102-piece mechanics’ tool kit and heat gun. 


DeWalt fans will want to take advantage of the Prime Day with discounts of up to 30% on things such as mechanics tool sets, LED work lights, impact socket sets and grinders.


If you’ve been holding off on picking up a new GoPro to record track day footage, now would be a good time to pull the trigger with this Hero8 Bundle available at a 44% discount. It includes the camera, two batteries, a 32GB SD card, short tripod and head strap. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a suction cup mount to get exterior car shots, so remember to pick up one of those, too.


If you don’t want to worry about a battery going dead, this corded Cherylon Car Vacuum option is for you. A 16.4-foot cord provides plenty of slack to get reach throughout your car’s cabin and comes with various attachments to help get into every nook and cranny during car detailing missions. 

Black & Decker

A handful of Black & Decker’s 20V Max cordless drill kits and various yard tools when you must do some work outside of the garage are on special for Prime Day. 


A range of Gooloo portable jump starters and power packs is on special during Prime Day ranging from 1200-amp units to 4000-amp versions for those who may need to get a big truck cranking. 


An impact wrench is must-have tool in a garage that makes zipping off rusted suspension fasteners and lug nuts off a cinch. If you don’t have one there’s an excellent Porter-Cable unit on special during Prime Day for $55, which is a cool 32% off regular price. This 1/2-inch drive example packs a stout 450 pound-feet of torque that should be more than enough grunt to take care of every car maintenance obstacle you encounter. 


OBD2 scanners are amazingly powerful tools that used to be the province of mechanics and people with extremely deep pockets. That’s no longer the case and this scanner from Autophix is proof of that. It’s got all the features you need for your 1996-and-later automobile and will make doing your own repair work significantly easier by removing a ton of guesswork.


When you live in a place that gets hot — Southern California, for example — having a sunshade for your car can mean the difference between a nasty seatbelt burn or a pleasant drive. They’re awesome and if you get a folding one, they take up very little space. This unit from Econour should do a fine job of keeping your car cool and your interior from being damaged by the merciless sun.

Five Bananas

Tired of wrestling with a C-clamp when compressing brake caliper pistons? If so, the Five Bananas Brake Caliper Press Tool will make that chore during a brake job substantially easier. A center ratchet screw distributes even force across the push boards to properly compress pistons without causing damage. It’s a slick, Roadshow-approved tool that can be still be had for $23, which is 26% off list price.


Extension cord reels are great, so you don’t have to work 3 feet away from a wall outlet, and this Goodyear unit is a really nice one. It features a 40 feet of commercial grade cord with a triple tap light-up connector, adjustable cord stopper, breaker button and 135-degree swivel mounting bracket. Normally priced at $210 it can be had now for $120, which still isn’t cheap but this is a truly premium cord reel that’s very well liked by users boasting a 4.7 rating out of 5 on Amazon.


Car interiors — especially on daily drivers — get gross. It’s just one of those incontrovertible facts of life. Luckily, they don’t have to stay gross or get so bad you need professional help. One excellent tool to help keep crud at bay is a cordless vacuum cleaner. This lil guy from Audew is perfect for getting dirt and old french fries out of your car without breaking the bank. Don’t be gross, buy this.


Backup cameras, which became a requirement by law in news cars during 2018, are handy to makes backing out of spots in parking lots and out of driveways safer. If you have an older car and don’t have one, you’re in luck because there are several good aftermarket solutions available like this Auto-Vox T2 kit. This wired system projects crisp imagery onto an included rearview mirror, is liked by customers with a strong 4.5 rating out of 5 on Amazon and is available now at a 32% discount.


The ability to charge at Level 1 with a normal 110-volt household plug is basically useless in most electric vehicles these days. Their battery packs are so big that it can take days of being plugged in to get even most of a charge. Level 2 chargers are better, but most require an electrician to install them in your home. The Splitvolt charger is different, because it plugs into an existing 220-volt plug (like you’d use for a washer or dryer) and then into your car. It’s also more affordable than most wall-mounted chargers.


Old, streaking windshield wipers are terrible. If your ride is rocking tired wipers check the Prime Day deal for Aslam Windshield wipers. They are highly rated with a 4.6 rating out of 5 based off more than 6,000 user reviews and available at of discount of up to 50% depending on size. Included with the blades is an addition set of inserts meaning you essentially are getting two sets of wipers here. 

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