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Exercise bike deals: Indoor cycling discounts for everyone

The humble exercise bike has long held a position in family homes around the world, but in recent years, indoor cycling has exploded in popularity. Not least because of COVID-19, which forced people to stay indoors, causing many to look for ways to keep fit at home. The downside to the boom in popularity is that availability plummeted and, as a result, prices skyrocketed. However, fortunately for anyone looking to take their cycling indoors, there are still plenty of exercise bike deals available.

As part of our commitment to uncovering the best cycling deals for our readers, the roundup below lists a collection of deals covering indoor cycling tech for all levels of cyclist, from first-timers to enthusiasts, and from those on a budget to those for whom money is no concern. 

When it comes to indoor cycling, our coverage here at Cyclingnews typically extends to the integrated world of smart, app-based systems like Zwift, TrainerRoad, with turbo trainers from Wahoo, Tacx, Elite and others. However, we appreciate that this is only a fraction of the people riding bikes indoors. Some like to attend spin classes, others prefer live-streamed classes via Peloton, Echelon or iFit, while millions of people simply like to ride an exercise bike to get some cardio in before breakfast.

Therefore, in our roundup of the best exercise bike deals below, you’ll find simple exercise bikes, spin bikes, and recumbent exercise bikes, as well as turbo trainer setups that you can fit your own bike to, plus smart bikes, which combine the standalone form of an exercise bike with the integrated connectivity of smart turbo trainers. 

Exercise bike deals

Exercise bikes are back in a big way. While lots of cyclists like to use a turbo trainer, if you’ve not got a spare bike to hook up to it, for instance, or you’re more accustomed to bikes at the gym, an exercise bike can be a great solution.

If that’s you, then continue scrolling to see our roundup of today’s best exercise bike deals.

UK: Orbitrek X17 Multi-Path | 19% off at Argos
Was £540.00 | Now £435.00
With its lack of saddle and upright style, this is about as far away from a normal ‘bike’ that you can get whilst still calling it an exercise bike. It comes with a wide base for stability, and an LCD screen to show data such as time, distance, calories, RPM and more. There’s an eight-level manual resistance knob, along with 21 inbuilt programs to give you workouts to follow. It has a 3kg flywheel and is pretty heavy with an overall weight of 27kg, but it comes with wheels for transportation.View Deal

USA: Circuit Fitness Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike | 42% off at Amazon
Was $331.93 | Now $191.64
Another upright design but this time with a saddle that’s adjustable both vertically and laterally. Upfront, there’s a control console, complete with a heart rate sensor to display HR data, speed, time, distance, calories and more. It weighs 35.8kg, and the base is fitted with adjustable feet and wheels for easy manoeuvrability. View Deal

USA: Sunny Health & Fitness Air Bike | 44% off at Amazon
Was $188.99 | Now $105.30
This exercise bike uses air as the resistance, and in addition to the pedal movement, the handles oscillate to offer an upper-body workout at the same time, should you want it. 

The saddle is vertically adjustable via preset intervals, and it can adjust back and forth too. View Deal

USA: Echelon Connect Sport | 18% off at Walmart
Was $599.00 | Now $497.00
The Echelon is widely accepted as the best budget-friendly alternative to Peloton. It comes with a free 30-day Echelon United membership worth $40, which connects you to thousands of live and on-demand workouts and fitness classes.

At 53kg, it’s heavy, but importantly it’s a stable machine. Both the saddle and handlebars are adjustable, and the base comes with wheels for easy movement. View Deal

Spin bike deals

The main thing differentiating spin bikes from exercise bikes is the flywheel design. Spin bike flywheels are generally heavier, and they’re fixed to the pedals without a freewheel. What this means is that you cannot simply stop pedalling, whereas on an exercise bike you can. 

The heavier flywheel generates more of a workout as it is harder to push, yet once it’s up to speed, it offers a slightly more fluid ride as the weight of the freewheel invites you to continue pedalling to keep it spinning. 

USA: DMASUN Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike | 24% off at Amazon
Was $439.99 | Now $334.99
This spin bike uses a fixed flywheel with a weight of 42lbs, for which resistance is controlled manually via a knob on the top tube. There’s plenty of adjustment of the handlebars and saddle, and a tablet holder means you can bring your own entertainment. It also comes with wheels to make it easy to move around the house, a bottle cage, and a heart rate sensor built into the handlebars. View Deal

USA: VIGBODY Exercise Bike | 26% off at Amazon
Was $379.99 | Now $279.99
This spin bike is given an ultra-wide base for stability and steel construction to be suitable for riders up to 330lbs. It lacks the integrated pulse monitor that some provide, but its LCD screen will display the basics such as speed, distance and time, as well as a calculation of calories burned. View Deal

UK: SOVNIA Exercise Bike | 10% off at Amazon
Was £289.10 | Now £259.10
Mimicking the spin bike design format, this exercise bike from Sovnia comes with a fixed flywheel with a resistance adjustment that is easy to reach and simple to operate. It features a solid base with two wheels to make it easy to manoeuvre, and it can be adjusted for people with an inside leg measurement of between 25in and 38.5in. There’s a bottle cage included, and it will measure your speed, distance, time, as well as estimate your calorie burn. View Deal

UK: Cyclace Exercise Bike | 19% off at Amazon
Was £369.99 | Now £299.99
The Cyclace exercise bike follows the spin-bike design blueprint, with a fixed 16kg flywheel and an easy-reach resistance knob. Adjustment is suitable for those with an inseam anywhere from 28 to 39 inches long, and the stable base comes with wheels for easy manoeuvring. It’ll measure your speed, distance, time and estimate your calorie burn, while the handle doubles up as a tablet holder so you can bring your own entertainment. View Deal

UK: Delfy Stationary Exercise Bike | 35% off at Amazon
Was £249.99 | Now £161.49
This low-cost spin bike from Delfy comes with an LCD monitor to show speed, distance, time, your current pulse and more. It uses a belt-driven system that is quiet in operation, and resistance is controlled via a knob on the top tube. Meanwhile, fit adjustment comes at the saddle and the handlebar.View Deal

Recumbent exercise bike deals

We appreciate that a recumbent exercise bike is a world away from the high-paced, interval-led world of indoor cycling that gets most coverage here on Cyclingnews, where apps like Zwift lead the way. But we also appreciate that not everyone shopping for indoor cycling deals is looking for an upright exercise bike.

If you’re simply looking to get active and want a more accessible platform due to mobility issues or not being able-bodied, then a recumbent exercise bike can be a more accessible platform for indoor cycling. 

Many new cyclists suffer unwanted pains when cycling – in the bum, the back, or the neck – and for many, especially older cyclists or those in rehab from an injury, a recumbent exercise bike offers the perfect solution, reducing pressure in unwanted areas, while allowing low-impact exercise to build (or rebuild) fitness. 

USA: Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic | 22% off at Amazon
Was $229.00 | Now $179.13
This budget recumbent exercise bike is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the comfortable cycling position of a recumbent exercise bike without a big initial investment. Its magnetic resistance offers eight levels of difficulty, the display shows all of your ride data, and there’s a pulse monitor built into the handles. There’s an adjustment to suit riders with leg lengths between 29 and 38 inches, and a maximum weight of 300lbs / 136kg. View Deal

USA: Schwinn Fitness 230 Recumbent | 43% off at Amazon
Was $699.00 | Now $399.99
The Schwinn Fitness 320 weighs in at 80lbs / 36kg, and has a large base with square feet for stability. It comes with Bluetooth to connect to apps like Zwift, and it offers 16 levels of digital resistance via the control console. The inbuilt 5.5in display will let you work through the 13 inbuilt workouts, and the seat is adjustable to aid fit.   View Deal

USA: JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike | 35% off at Amazon
Was $369.99 | Now $240.98
This recumbent exercise bike comes with a much wider seating area, with nine preset positions to maximise comfort. Resistance comes via magnets, meaning it’s quiet and smooth, yet the eight levels of resistance offer a good spread of difficulty settings. Meanwhile the LCD screen will showcase your heart rate, speed, and other data to help you monitor and track your progress. View Deal

Turbo trainer deals

The traditional turbo trainer is most common among keen cyclists. In its most basic form, you can connect your existing bike to the turbo trainer by placing its rear tyre onto a roller, and bolting it into place using the axle that holds the wheel in place, that roller then applies the resistance which makes it easier or harder to pedal.

More modern turbo trainers allow you to connect your chain to a cassette fitted directly onto the flywheel, which means you need to remove your wheel from your bike. The direct connection offers a more road-like feel, as the resistance doesn’t get lost in the friction of your tyre. It also means you don’t chew through tyres.

How that resistance is applied differs by model. The top direct-drive systems use electromagnetism, whilst others use magnets. The cheaper wheel-on systems typically use magnets or fluid. 

The more expensive systems are ‘smart’, meaning they can connect via Bluetooth or ANT+ to your computer, and software such as Zwift can communicate with your trainer, making it easier or harder to pedal, depending on the gradient your avatar is facing at the time. 

Lifeline Xplova Noza S Smart | 19-28% off at Wiggle
£649.99 £499.99 | USA: $879.99 $704.99
Lifeline is Wiggle’s in-house brand dedicated to offering high-quality, low-cost cycling goods. The brand made a name in tools, but it’s now taking on turbo trainers. Powered by Acer electronics, the system follows a similar design to the Wahoo Kickr Core. It offers a maximum resistance of 2,500 watts, 18% gradients, and accuracy within 2.5%. View Deal

Elite Direto | Up to 38% off at Wiggle
UK: £769.99 £499.99 | USA: $899.99 $623.99 | AU: $1,299.99 $799.99
With a maximum resistance of 2,200 watts, the Direto is designed with elite cyclists in mind. However, the price is anything but. It’s compatible with all modern axle standards, features folding legs for ease of use, and with a 4.2kg flywheel, it’s light enough to move around between sessions. View Deal

Elite Direto X | Up to 18% off at Wiggle
UK: £769.99 £664.99 | USA: $929.95 $829.99 | AU: $1,369.99 $1,115.99
The Direto X is Elite’s replacement for the Direto, it’s one of the most comprehensive turbo trainers on the market, with power output measured within 1.5% accuracy. It can simulate gradients of up to 18 per cent and offers up to 3,250w resistance. 
It improves upon the Direto with a claimed 50% reduction in noise, meaning it’s great for those living in an apartment with neighbours below. View Deal

USA: Wahoo Kickr K.O.M. Bundle | 10% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $1,799.99 | Now $1,619.99
This deal is for the Wahoo Kickr V4, a trainer that is still one of the best turbo trainers out there, despite recently being superseded by the Kickr V5. It also includes the Kickr Climb, a device that raises and lowers your bike’s front end in line with gradient changes presented by your app of choice. It’s truly one of the most realistic indoor cycling experiences available. View Deal

USA: Wahoo Indoor Training Starter Bundle | 10% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $609.99 | Now $549.99
When it comes to indoor cycling, one of the brands that rules the roost is Wahoo. The Kickr Snap is its wheel-on trainer, meaning you fit your bike onto it, pressing the tyre against a roller, which then controls the resistance. It is ‘smart’, which means it can connect to apps like Zwift or TrainerRoad and control a workout automatically so you don’t need to continually fiddle with a resistance lever or dial. View Deal

Deals from everywhere else

Here at Cyclingnews, we’re dedicated to providing our readers, with the best buying advice when it comes to bikes, cycling clothing, components, and accessories.

We compile the best deals available so that once you’ve decided on your purchase, you can also find the best price. However, you don’t need to wait until big sale events to get great deals on cycling tech, we have a range of pages dedicated to providing you with great prices on great products all year round. 

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