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Fake rideshare driver documented in the vicinity of Ohio Point out self-defense pro shares recommendations to stay safe and sound

According to the college, a lady fought off a man within the motor vehicle he was driving. She assumed it was the rideshare automobile she was ready on to choose her up.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio Condition College is asking for everyone with details about a rideshare scare that occurred this weekend on campus to call Columbus law enforcement.

They say a girl, who was not a student or staff of the college, was going for walks on Chittenden Avenue at 3 a.m. Sunday while waiting for a automobile from a rideshare application.

She acquired into a car or truck, and which is when the situation took a switch for the even worse.

According to that community protection see, the female was able to battle off a guy inside of the car he was driving. She believed it was the automobile she purchased to choose her up.

This isn’t the very first time a little something like this has occurred in this area.

In January 2017, police investigated studies of a pretend rideshare driver – who they say held one particular younger lady captive and assaulted other ladies who had been passengers.

Seymour Josephson’s daughter, Samantha, was killed soon after obtaining in the automobile she thought was the a person she asked for on a rideshare application. He lives in New Jersey and she was a student in South Carolina at the time.

“She acquired into the car or truck, the boy or girl protection locks ended up engaged, so there was no way for her to get out,” he mentioned.

Which is why he started the basis #WhatsMyName – the concern every person need to ask just before they get in to validate it’s the right driver. He claims it could preserve a lifetime.

When it arrives to self-defense a unit like pepper spray could help you if you are outdoors but in a tightly enclosed room pepper spray will not be your greatest bet, but you have other selections.

“Distance is going to be your pal,” stated Deputy Sheriff Laura Stahr who is a RAD teacher at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

“RAD is Rape Aggression Protection Devices, it is a women’s only self-defense program,” she stated.

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She states you ought to always sit in the back seat – that way you have space to kick an attacker – and intention for their encounter.

“As gals, our energy is in our hips and our lessen body so use that to your gain with these nice forceful kicks. If they have the doorways locked, they’re likely to want you out of there by then.”

In the end, she claims, you should really in no way travel alone.

Significant tips to hold in mind as life returns to normal and you could return to employing rideshares.