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How Stellantis is positioning its 14 models for an EV future

The quick transition to electrification has introduced a obstacle for entrepreneurs: How do you reposition decades of brand fairness built on common automotive values for a new greener, cleaner environment?

Volkswagen’s “Voltswagen” controversy confirmed that it is a sensitive task.  

Stellantis tackled the subject on Thursday, presenting slogans, or mission statements, that sum up every single of its 14 brands’ electrical ambitions, as part of a thorough presentation on its electrification road map.

The process is also to carve out place for every of individuals manufacturers in two main markets, Europe and the U.S. 

Analyst Philippe Houchois of Jefferies gave Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares good marks on the presentation, noting that Stellantis’ “obvious brand differentiation” would “restrict overlap and assistance the forthcoming rationalization of European distribution by 2023, opening the way to much more direct advertising and multi-brand dealers.”

Over-all, “The EV Day need to have place to relaxation lingering concerns that Stellantis lagged industry electrification,” Houchois said. “We discovered industrial tactic reliable with peers, item launches in sync with different sector pace, and funds spending consistent with historical capital performance.”

Right here are the new slogans, and what they say about just about every brand’s electrified foreseeable future:

Alfa Romeo: “From 2024, Alfa gets Alfa e-Romeo,” with the serpent turning into a ability plug. The high quality brand, which underperformed less than Fiat Chrysler, has a new CEO, Jean-Philippe Imperato, and will incorporate new, electrified types in the coming decades.  

DS Vehicles: “The art of travel, magnified.” The premium brand introduced in 2014 by selling “French savoir-faire” and craftsmanship. It will be a element of Stellantis’ top quality group with Alfa Romeo and Lancia.

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