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Person Straps a Jet Motor to His Bicycle, Flies Down the Street at 83 MPH

A 37-previous Taiwanese person had his 15 minutes of fame following he determined that it was a superior idea to strap a jet engine to his bicycle. He did not only construct the ridiculous contraption, but he also place it to the check. The final result? He almost flew off that thing, hitting 83 mph (133 kph) in just 30 seconds.

According to Chinese media, Wang Nan has dreamed of proudly owning an RC jet plane at any time given that he was a kid, but he never ever got into possession of 1. In order to satisfy his childhood desire, the person required to take points to the following stage. And he did.

Wang expended a lot more than 330,000 yuan, which is all over $11,900, to get an RC jet engine installed on his bike. The contraption took him three months to full as he had to make sure every thing is risk-free in advance of the first trip. He even went to request a college professor to support him layout a durable engine mount.

The bicycle that he chose to put the engine on was also a quite strong machine, able of supporting much more than 441 lbs (200 kg). The bicycle had a carbon fiber and aluminum body and was outfitted with tires that could withstand any bumps at higher speeds.

Rather of a good gas tank, he employed a standard bottle. And due to the fact the bottle didn’t have that a great deal ability, it only bought him all-around 30 seconds of exciting. But it was ample for Wang, who managed to access a velocity of 83 mph (133 kph). He did not miss out on the prospect to seize the crazy stunt, which went viral on Chinese social media platforms.

However, his joy was limited-lived as he shortly uncovered out that his take a look at journey violated several highway and traffic regulations. For that reason, the jet engine was taken out from the bicycle.

You can see Wang “traveling” down the avenue on his “jet-bicycle” in the video down under.